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09.08.2011 12:47

Once surfing the Internet I ran across a chart of countries defining Russia as an Asian country and Turkey as part of Europe, which made me snort with indignation. But now I start to see why it is so.

My visit to Turkey was just like an escape from everyday routine rather than a holiday a person dreams of most part of his working life. Maybe that's why I didn't expect much and as a result got something to think about.

The climate

It's very special with hot mornings, boiling days, stuffy evenings and more than warm nights. It differs from the climate of the Caucasus and the Crimea which gives a break from heat with light breeze from the Black sea and chilly nights. Here the sky overcast with clouds means that the Sun has taken a day-off, but the so much desired rain postpones its visit every time you think it will start in a few minutes. And all the same it's much easier to bear this heat than the temperature of 34 above zero on the territory of central Russia.

The Cities

I can never avoid a feeling of unreal cleanliness when I'm abroad. The same happened when we started our trip from the airport to our destination. On the first day of our holiday my son got blisters and as a result walked barefoot which could be considered as absolutely impossible in Russia unless you're drunk or strive for shocking others. Green areas that are much cared for, neat multistory houses, toiled one-way roads assure you that you're in Europe. However, there's another side of the medal: Turks ignore traffic lights and pedestrians on the crossroads. Don't expect a car to stop when you start crossing the road, be prepared for the driver's accelerating and broad smile when he sees you.

The Mediterranean

The sea is clean, warm, very salty and simply gorgeous. It's enormous and welcoming. It gives you no temperature shock when you enter the water and makes your presence in the water effortless and more pleasant than on the shore. There were no storms and the temperature was always the same - 28 above zero during our 9-day stay there, which made it such a perfect place for our kid to learn to swim.

The culture

Islam has its trace everywhere. Men with rosary in their hands, women wearing long dresses, pants and head scarves on the beach, special hotels for green Muslims with closed shutters, mosques, a prayer that is heard 5 times a day and, of course, Turkish music. And still globalization has its impact. Young Turkish girls wear traditional clothes and listen to European hits, pray 5 times a day and use cellphones and credit cards. It's worth to mention the fact that hotel personnel and salesmen speak at least 2 foreign languages.

Attitude to tourists

Everybody smiles at you and establishes direct eye contact as soon as you open your mouth. But don't take it for genuine sincerity, it's just a manner of behavior which has been practised since Turkey got the reputation of an inexpensive holiday resort. Your label “tourist” presupposes relaxed posture, crazy behavior, numerous tips the Turkish are looking forward to and many other things tourists are known for. Turkish aggressive politeness is felt everywhere: in your talks with the guide, in your inquiries at the reception, in parks, shops and stores.

Russians abroad

The view of an average Russian man as of an alcohol addict holds true. Some Russian men go to Turkey to drink 20 hours a day. Maybe they believe that all-in is just about it. When they start asking for vodka bar-tenders pretend that they don't understand or simply pour water instead.

Russian girls embarrassed me by their absence of tops during meals and bright clothes during night walks. Turks take for granted our inability to speak English, that's why your personal rating will skyrocket if they hear you speak English and within a minute you'll turn into a person worthy of their attention.


All in all Turkish holiday is fun. Beautiful yellow-brownish suntan, peculiar taste of sweets, juicy fruits and transparent salty water of the Mediterranean are made to substitute your problems with tranquility and sunshine.

© V. Golovko, 2011



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