Семейный отдых на Пасху в Великобритании .:. Класс языковой подготовки Англикана .:. город Орел


Россия, г.Орел,
ул.Приборостроительная, д.13
офис 24 (2 этаж)
Пн-Cб: 10:00 - 20:00
тел.: +7(4862) 48-93-51
e-mail: teacher@anglikana.ru
web: www.anglikana.ru

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Семейный отдых на Пасху в Великобритании
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26.03.2010 11:55

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию обзор десяти мест Великобритании для семейного отдыха на Пасху, где будут проходить в этом году различные увеселительные мероприятия, посвященные данному празднику. Статья создана по материалам раздела путешествий издания Guardian.

Соревнование бумажных корабликов с пасхальными яйцами на борту
Anglesey Abbey Cambridgeshire
Суббота 3 апреля, 11:00-16:00

После того как участники раскрасят яйца, они должны смастерить бумажные кораблики с импровизированными парусами, затем начинается их сплав по реке Лоуд (Lode), водному пути, на котором до сих пор работает старая мельница аббатства. Победителем окажется тот, чье судно пройдет больший отрезок пути. Призом является большое шоколадное яйцо. Кроме того, в аббатстве специально для детей будет организован поиск "клада". На празднике художники желающим нанесут на лицо рисунок (face-painting). Вы также услышите древние сказки и сможете посетить ремесленные мастерские.

Quy Road, Lode, Cambridge, ­Cambridgeshire

Beeston Castle Cheshire
Friday 2-Monday 5 April, 10am-5pm

Your children are required to assist with inviting knights and squires to a banquet. This is an ­excuse for extended ­adventuring among the castle ruins, which are perched on a ­precipice above the Cheshire plain. Model figurines are concealed around the ramparts and the park and, once you have ticked them all off on your worksheet/“invitation”, you ­deliver it to the till. Royal ­gratitude comes in the form of a sticker. ­Afterwards you can take your pick from a box of medieval costumes and have your ­photograph taken.

Beeston, Cheshire CW6 9TX

Devil’s Dyke West Sussex
Monday 5 April, 10.45am-12pm

The idea is this: hand-decorate a boiled egg, drive it to this beauty spot, line it up at the top of a slope and set it rolling. The egg that travels farthest wins. At this point, obviously, your artwork will be a little scrambled, so before push-off there is a beauty competition and the best decorated wins a prize. Everyone else gets a chocolate consolation. ­Beware, the car park fills swiftly, so take the No 77 bus from Brighton station.

South Downs Way, six miles north of Brighton


Dover Castle Kent
Sunday 4-Wed 7 April, 10am-6pm

If you think you could be a ­jousting champ or a jester, you can travel back in time for confirmation. At knight school you will learn the skills ­required of a medieval hero before going into battle with fake swords. A court jester will explain the art of humour, there will be clown and ­circus skills workshops, a ­military drill, and drum-banging. Plus, ­members of the audience get to dress up and perform in three plays.

Castle Hill, Dover CT16 1HU

Kenilworth Castle & Elizabethan Garden Warwickshire
Sunday 4-Monday 5 April, 11am-5pm

Richard III was the last English king to fall in battle, but history is undecided about whether he was a hero or a tyrant. Fortunately, you can form your own opinion as the Battle of Bosworth rages once again and Richard III’s life story is re-enacted. Kids will be trained to take part in their own battle with hobby horses and toy spears. Meanwhile, medieval life will mill about you in full costume – quiz different households on their routines.

Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1NE

Mount Stuart Isle of Bute
Sunday 4 April, 1pm-4pm

Wanted: munchkins and magical creatures to help Dorothy find her way through the Enchanted Forest to the Wizard of Oz. Willing adventurers will accompany the Walking Theatre Company through the Italianate gardens. The flamboyant Gothic mansion stands in admirably for the Emerald City, where the Wizard lurks and where Easter treasure awaits discovery. To ­enhance the ethereal feel, arrive by speed boat from Largs in Ayrshire.

Near Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 9LR

National Waterfront Museum Swansea
Saturday 3-Sunday 4 April, 1.30pm

You have an egg – a real one – and a selection of different materials. After a little instruction, visitors aged seven to 12 have to design and create packaging that will shield their egg from life’s slings and arrows. Their skills will be proven when the eggs are launched off the museum’s balcony. There is also an easter egg hunt on 2-5 April with live ducks and chicks. Workshops will teach townies how to rear their own.

Oystermouth Road, Maritime Quarter, Swansea SA1 3RD



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